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About the author


Image reconstructions presented on these web sites are created by artist  Libor Balák

Libor Balák is a painter, student of a world famous artist Zdeněk Burian. Like his teacher, he primarily illustrated books. Later, he participated on creating well-known computer games Vietcong 1 and 2. He also made portraits, free paintings (sci-fi, fantasy, living nature, elements, space, acts, etc.), package design and posters (graphics, paintings). In  recent years, he only creates prehistorical reconstructions for museums or other interested persons or deals with the basic research. His reconstructions are now displayed in many museums around the world. He is a promoter of professional and precise reconstruction of prehistoric times and author of the rules of procedure during reconstructions for universities and museums and for those, who wants to gain some knowledge in this field. He also teaches this discipline at universities. He brought the modern reconstructional paleoethnology into life. He is a long-time collaborator of many experts from universities and research institutions (for example Moravian museum in Brno, the Masaryk University Faculty of Arts in Brno, the Institute of Archaeology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic in Brno, the Technical museum in Brno and others.) He is open to other possibilities of co-operation in promoting of critical examination and  assessment of old cultures and their presentations.

Currently we are looking for the most efficient and flexible way to provide the operation of Antropark, which means handling the technical materials and securing the creation of new paintings. We are open to all new ideas and help from museums, universities, research institutes, federations and associations or private persons.







Translated by Tereza Štréglová.